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Challenge description
Goal, intention and concept
The goal is to promote the metals and mining sector, steel products and professions and to demonstrate that they are used in all spheres of life.

Our challenge is mainly intended to show the scale of steel usage. Objects made of steel are everywhere. Steel unites children and adults, representatives of various professions and housewives. It is about everyday life, work, hobbies, travel, trips, sport and holidays. This list is endless.

#PassTheSteelChallenge – our response is #passthebrushchallenge that has had almost 2 billion views during the lockdown period. It all started from flash bloggers who changed the look just like that. Then, beauty bloggers passed around makeup brushes and took videos "before" and "after" makeup. Representatives of other professions with various objects characterizing them joined this movement.

That will be fun that you'll remember for a long time. We'll show to the whole world that steel is awesome. Join and pass the challenge to your friends and colleagues!
Basic version – Video
To take part in the challenge, it is enough to gather a team of 4-8 people, have a mobile phone and one steel object or its miniature (tiny winy).

The first person throws (passes herefrom and the first hashtag word is "pass") a steel object to one of the four sides of the screen. The next participant of the team receives their version of the object from this side and passes it to any other side. It is repeated until the object has been passed around to all participants.

The team participants should not have (though may have) the same object; however, they shall be common by nature. For example, everyone passes a metal cup, though every person has their one.

As part of original challenges from fashion and beauty bloggers, they played out the object. The fashion bloggers "dressed up" just like that and the beauty bloggers "applied makeup" with a brush that was thrown from one screen to another.
The main feature (action) of our challenge is the Like (thumbs-up) button. After we have caught the object, we show like – "steel is awesome" – and pass the object on.
Light version: Photo
If it is not possible to gather a team and shoot a video, you can take photos with a steel object.

You can choose large objects such as bridges, roads, fridges, fences, products (slabs, coils, etc.) or other heavy things. Stay near and touch the object as if you are pushing it or use a more compact object and take it in your hands.

The most important is to show like in the photo and include the challenge hashtags in description.

You may just stay or choose any original position of your body or emotion. The main thing is to take care about your own safety and safety of your colleagues when you take photos on the production site.
City where Metinvest Group is present – enterprises of the company, partners, and friends.

Ukraine as a whole – employees, partners, SMC, specific associations, SCM, and Smart Holding.

World – international assets, partners, customers, and Worldsteel members.
Challenge mechanics
Team (for video)
A video consists of several shots taken by each participant of the team. Each team should have from 4 to 8 people. Not only adults but children can take part in the challenge. The team should agree on sequence and direction for receiving/passing the object and ponder over a video concept.

For the image to be bright and diverse, the participants from one team should choose different backgrounds and do not use the same clothing, unless it is required by the specifics.
Publication and distribution
The challenge started on 1 July from launching a video on the page of Zaporozhstal Iron and Steel Works of Metinvest Group.

The team participants (voluntarily – all or only those who want, but at least one person) shall place a video on their social media pages with hashtags

#PasstheSteelchallenge (mandatory!) and #СтальВокругНас (SteelAroundUs) voluntarily.

In the text, it is needed to tag those to whom the author of the post passes the challenge. In addition to teams of colleagues from the same enterprise or other enterprises, participants can tag anybody – friends or acquaintances. Light version (photo only) is available for those who will be tagged in the challenge and those who will not be able to gather their team and shoot a video.

All videos and photos will be collected on the specially created pages on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. To that end, don't forget to tag @passthesteelchallenge page. Then we will see and share your video on the page.
Object choice
For convenience and originality of teams, we put together a list of objects made of steel or metal. You can find it at the very end of this document with breakdown by subgroup.
Technical requirements
Specifics of such video is their dynamics. A participant quickly receives and commits an action (shows like in our case) and throws/passes an object on. For your video to be interesting to watch and video shooting and assembling to be as easy as possible, please follow the simple rules:

1. Shoot a video vertically.

2. Rear facing (not front facing) camera of the phone.

3. FullHD/HD video. To be selected in the settings before recording a video.

4. Switch on recording 3 seconds PRIOR to actions on camera and switch off recording 3 seconds AFTER completion of action (to make video assembling easier).

5. It is recommended to record a video fixing a smartphone on a tripod or putting it on a high table or holding in hands though motionless.

6. Medium shot (from waist up). Wide or long shot is acceptable depending on the concept.

7. Ideally, total duration of the video shall not exceed 15 seconds. This is maximum time for Tik-Tok. If your video is longer, no worries. In the first place, the video will be uploaded on the pages of the team participants on Facebook or Instagram, where you can place even longer videos.

8. Keep an eye on direction in which an object is passed around and do not forget to show like.

9. Choose dynamic music. When assembling a video, music is added separately. However, switching it on during video shooting will help you get into a character more smoothly.

A video can be assembled using own resources, any integrated video editors in a smartphone. That is rather easy and interesting.
Participants of #passthesteelchallenge shall add a text to their video (photo).

Hashtags to publications – #PassTheSteelChallenge (basic, concerning it and search for video in social media), #СтальВокругНас (#SteelAroundUs). The letter case does not matter. Uppercase letters are mostly used not to miss any letter and read words easily.

For example:
I participate in #passthesteelchallenge.
#стальвокругнас (#steelaroundus)

You can use just that. However, if you want to get more likes, put down more expanded text:

"My colleagues/family and I decided to demonstrate how many things around us are made of steel. Thanks to steelmakers for steel!" (Semantic charge, not literal reproduction of the text).

- Optionally – depict the object that is shown in the video (photo):

"My colleagues/family and I decided to demonstrate how many things around us are made of steel. Thanks to steelmakers for steel!"

"What have we found at home / work? This (name the Object) is indispensable in (describe)"

For us not to miss your video and place it on special subject-matter pages, tag in @passthesteelchallenge publication. In Instagram, a tag will be pulled in automatically and in Facebook you will need to select a relevant page.

If you wish, you can tag @metinvest and add hashtag #Метинвест (#Metinvest).
Photo is a light version of our #PassTheSteelChallenge. You can take a photo if it is not possible to assemble a video or you can take a photo in addition to the video. To get as many likes as possible for a photo:

1. Keep an eye on light and shadows. You should be clearly visible in the photo.

2. Depending on the object size, crop off what is needless. If you take a photo near a bridge or truck, choose a long shot to show proportions. If you take a photo with a saucepan (compact thing), choose a medium shot. In doing so, attention will fall on the object and your hand like.

3. Keep an eye on horizon so that all vertical and horizontal lines remain in place. At the same time, you may pick up an interesting angle, e.g. to take the photo of you from the top or bottom.

Smile) or show other emotions. They always get more likes.
(not to forget anything!)
Number of participants in the team: 4-8

Optimal video length: up to 15 seconds

Main hashtag: #passthesteelchallenge

Additional hashtag: #СтальВокругНас (#SteelAroundUs)

Each team chooses one object

Light version with a photo is possible

List of objects
(to you for inspiration)
Production objects
tools, products, spare parts, bearings, washers.
Workshop objects
drills, files, wrenches, flat nose pliers, power saw, framing chisel, perforating devices, grinders or multi-tiles, spatula, adjustable spanners, regular wrenches, etc.; welders (or their parts), pumps, level meters and other instruments; spray devices, spatula, hammer or hand sledge.
Garden tools
pruning shears, rakes, spades, hoes, buckets
Kitchen objects
saucepans, forks/spoons, pans, knives, cups, bowls, metal teacups.
Car items
jacks, pumps, spare wheel.
Household items
iron, candlesticks, chairs, fans, mixers, vacuum cleaners, clocks; heating radiator, heaters (bends), bathroom fixtures and taps.
dumbbells, barbell, kettlebells, bicycles, push scooters.
Pocket items
keys, charms, money
Tourist items
cups, thermos flasks, compass, canned food, bowls and pots.
Leisure items
barbecue, folding chair, grill, meat skewers.
Fishing accessories
fish hooks, pirns, fishing gears.
Learning item/stationery
rulers, mathematical compass, metal frame glasses.
IT items
laptops, PC components, twisted pair, power units for of all types, network filters, extension cords, adapters and jackplugs. Power units, bodies, microphones, audio equipment, amplifiers, speakers, radio.
Musical instruments
drum kits, guitars, gong.
Art objects
cast figures (sculptures), welded figures, woodworking tools.
Blogger items
selfie sticks, cameras, microphone
Medical articles
phonendoscope, medical spatula, syringe, scalpel (do not throw or pass).
Models, copies (dummies) and toys
roads, bridges, railway roads, famous steel constructions, models of airplanes and machiny, steel construction kit.
big and small
hair accessories, rings, bracelets.
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